Sunday, July 8, 2012

June Favorites

Blue - Kinsey
Purple - Karlie

Marc by Marc Jacobs Long Strap Purse - 
This isn't the exact purse I was thinking, but I couldn't find the one I saw in the store online.  It was a gorgeous teal color with a long strap.  It didn't really have any pockets on the outside and wasn't that big, but it was the perfect size for keeping everything you need to go out!
Movie: Take Me Home 
I was initially going to watch this movie with my friend, but we didn't end up buying it.  So, when I got home, Kinsey and I bought it on iTunes and had a movie night!  It was amazing...if you're into romantic comedies, you definitely have to see this movie!
eos Smooth Sphere 
These little chapstick balls are amazing!!!  I think between everyone in our family, we must have at least 10 lying around the house.  My personal favorite is the lemon drop one, but the strawberry sorbet one also smells so good - and they make your lips super smooth! 
Holey Sweaters 
They're perfect for summer weather since they're not too thick.  You can wear it to the beach over your swimsuit or over a bandeau or tank top when your hanging around.  I definitely have a ton of these stocked up for the nice summer weather.
High Waisted Shorts/Cutoff Shorts - 
For high waisted shorts, I am so in love with this style of shorts.  I feel like you can wear it with almost any t-shirt you have and it'll look super cute.  They're perfect for summer when you want to mix things up, since they're still shorts.  If I can find a pair of high waisted shorts that are also cutoffs, even better!  The cutoffs just make an outfit seem more casual and beachy.
Boyfriend Jeans 
The most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever had.  You can wear them day or night and it'll still make an adorable outfit.  Also perfect for summer since they're not too tight so you won't feel too hot.
Zara Bow Sandals -
I first saw these on polyvore when I was making this set.  I think they are perfect for summer!  You can use them for somewhat nicer occasions or when you're just going to hang out with your friends.
Artist: Passion Pit
Song: Stranger Attractor - Animal Kingdom

Artist: Of Monsters and Men
Song: Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds

Book: The Help -
When I saw this book in the bookstore, I knew I wanted to read it before I saw the movie.  I knew it must be good since I had heard such great things about the movie, and everything I heard was so true.  Kathryn Stockett is able to connect with the reader through the characters and their relationships with each other.  Definitely a must read!
Hope everyone had a wonderful June!
xoxo, Karlie and Kinsey

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