Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paris Couture Week 2012

Paris Couture Week is definitely something you want to keep your eye out for in the future.  The gorgeous beaded dresses and over the top outfits pull you into the minds of the designers.  As expected, the designs were all over the place, from Jean Paul Gaultier's designs were over the top and out there to Elie Saab's classic, elegant gowns.

Jean Peal Gaultier

Gaultier took inspiration from musician, writer, actor, and artist Pete Doherty.  The line featured mainly dark colors, especially black and was centered around furs, capes, and collars.  The collection no doubt reflected Gaultier's out of the box thinking and dramatic style.  

Frank Sorbier

One of the collections that really caught my eye was Frank Sorbier's.  I had never heard of this designer before, and I sure wish I had.  His backgrounds painted a picture along with the gorgeous dresses.  The silhouettes of the dresses remind me of cut out paper dolls I used to play with.  The dresses look as if they are glowing, appearing like a light in the middle of the night.

Elie Saab

Jacquelyn Jablonski

Elie Saab is by far my favorite designer!  His designs are always so intricate and detailed and look perfect for a dressy occasion (however, they probably are over the top).  I especially love the dress on Jacquelyn Jablonski - the gold and light blue are a perfect combination.  The gold makes the dress look fit for a princess, but the light blue tones it down with a more subtle color.

While I wouldn't say I love every single collection from Paris Couture Week, there were definite highlights.  The creativity was there as always and I can't wait to see what these amazing designers will come up with next year.

For more pictures from Paris Couture Week, click here (all the pictures used were from this site)!

Hope you enjoy fashion week as much as I do!
xoxo, Kinsey

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