Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I haven't smelled or tried out this fragrance, but I have definitely fallen in love with the ad.  Daphne looks absolutely gorgeous in this!  I never realized how young she is - Daphne just seems so much older than 17 (not in a bad way).

The music and location are also perfect!  The music is so upbeat and puts me in a good mood (I have to admit I have become obsessed with this song -I Love You, Ono by Stereo Total- in the past few days).  The scenery looks amazing and I wish I could be at those beaches or waterfront!

The styling is also great for the ad.  I love the swimsuit Daphne wears in the beginning - the high waisted swimsuit gives it a retro vide and the heart shaped sunglasses are adorable!  Let's not forget the the red skirt she wears at the end!  I would kill for it.  It kind of looks like a leather skirt to me, but it seems to have way more movement than a leather skirt would.  

I was able to make this set that seemed to resemble that styling used in the video.

Dior ADDICT (Daphne Groeneveld Ad)

River Island floral shirt
$11 -

Red skirt

High heel pumps
$110 -

In case you haven't seen the ad yet, here it is!


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  2. Love this outfit!
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