About Us

Hi!  We're Indigo Karlie and Kinsey Rose, but you can call us Karlie and Kinsey.  We're two sisters trying to make it in the fashion industry.  We both have loved fashion for some time and decided we wanted a way to share our passion!  Any other questions?  Send us an email at ksquared390@gmail.com.  Thanks for visitng our blog(:

Our banner was made by the lovely Zoe from Little-Voguettes


  1. I love your blog! My sister and i are doing a similar thing:) Were 14 and 16. Were more into tumblr right now and just trying to get our blogspot situated though but your blogspot is defiantly something to look up to! How old are you girls?:) Follow our blogspot and tumblr! Do you have a bloglovin that we can follow? Or a follow button on your blog other than email because we dont check our email all that often:)

    http://www.weworthit.tumblr.com (main tumblr)
    http://www.thevogueapprenitce.tumblr.com (side tumblr)

    1. Thanks so much! I'm 14 and Karlie is 19. What are your names? We really appreciate the nice comment - we also just started and it means so much that you like our blog! We don't have a bloglovin but if we ever make one we'll definitely follow you guys! Click on the Follow Us link (http://www.blogger.com/follow-blog.g?blogID=2268767369321905289) and it should let you! Again, thanks so much!