Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wanted Wednesdays: Accessories

Hey guys!  So sorry this is coming late but this week has been CRAZY!  I originally was thinking about doing a beauty post every Wednesday, but I came across this idea and just loved it so much!  Hope you guys don't mind me switching it up a little bit :)

So i recently found out about the website WaNeLo.  Let me just say one thing about it: it is AH-MAY-ZING!  I love how you can browse things you like AND find out where to buy them.  So long to crazy google searches with no results.

Today when I was scrolling through, I found some of the cutest accessories and thought I'd share them with you.  Take a peek!

I love this anchor necklace!  Its simple but super cute and a great addition to any outfit!  Want to find out more about it?  Click HERE!

This necklace of leaves is also adorable!  Again, like the anchor necklace, its SOOOO simple but perfect for anything!  You can wear it with a pair of jeans a t-shirt for a day out with friends or even possibly with a nice dress for a dinner party.  Styling is all up to YOU!  Check out how to get it here!

These earrings are so gorgeous!  The turquoise color stands out against the silver and adds a pop of color to any outfit.  They are more of a statement piece, so I wouldn't go too crazy on the outfit colors.  You definitely want some neutrals and maybe a color that will go along with the turquoise.  Check out this link to find out more!

Last but not least, one of my favorite things.  iPHONE CASES!!!!  I love the simplicity of the black and white, but the intricate design.  Plus, how can you not love elephants? I mean look at it, its adorable!  Definitely gonna need to get one of these soon!!!!  Check out here for more!

Well, this was my edition of Wanted Wednesdays (kinda Thursday but who cares).  Let me know what you think, what some of your favorite accessories are, and if you make a WaNeLo account!

xoxo, Kinsey

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